Gore Bay-Manitoulin is a seasonal customs point of entry

From mid-May until mid-October there is a customs agent present at the airport.

Operating hours for customs is dictated by the customs officer’s work schedule.  Contact the C.F.S. for more information

The CANPASS system

Clearing customs is done through a telephone reporting system where permission is granted from a customs or immigration officer to enter Canada.

In order to clear customs, the procedure is as follows: Call the CANPASS # to report at least one hour, not more than 72 hours before flying to Canada, upon landing at the airport at regular customs office hours, you then must call the CANPASS # a second time to inform customs of your arrival and to attain approval to leave the customs area and continue into Canada. For more information on clearing customs at the Gore Bay – Manitoulin Airport, or inquiries about the CANPASS system please call 1-888-CANPASS (226-7277).

Contact the local customs officer by calling (705) 282-2181.

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